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Fashion designer Karnit Aharoni  grew up in Israel and New Zealand, which gave her a kick start as a world traveller. After working for several international brands such as Donna Karan in NYC and Ermenegildo Zegna in Italy amongst others, and living in London, Milan and New York, she then moved to France and decided to found her own eponym brand.



As a child Karnit took many desert trips with her parents, sand dunes, date trees and beduins are part of the brand’s DNA, she fell in love with the fairy tales dream atmosphere of quietness dryness and ancient feel. The dune lines, grace, sand and the elegance of beduins with their traditional clothes, have always been a great source of inspiration.

The Galabia, traditionally worn by the nomads of the desert, was revisited and designed for the modern nomad with its feel good style, and the  date tree with it’s beauty, savage strength, and fruitfulness, is a recurring motif of the collection.

The ancient mythical dragon  is our symbol, embroidered on each of the Karnit Aharoni products, representing the preciousness of the brand. It’s origins and inspiration comes from an ancient Russian jewel. A family heirloom worn by Karnit’s grandmother: a strong and inspiring woman in a long line of equally powerful and active women, who pave their own paths.


The KARNIT AHARONI collection, expresses designer Karnit Aharoni’s view on designing fashion, love of quality, workmanship and knowledge.  A collection of  beautiful clothes with a global twist, a line of easy to wear, easy to manage, and right for all seasons pieces for her. The brand communicates it’s mix of traditions and newness through timeless garments, drawing it’s inspiration from men’s clothing for strong independent and creative women. Each piece is created through unique selection of materials and precise pattern and design.


We place great importance on textiles, mostly exclusively designed and developed by us, in Italy or France based on experience and traditional « savoir faire ». The collection is entirely made in France, with the highest regards for quality and true love of detail, always proposing luxurious, casual-sexy, functional, all day wear.


The exceptional embroidery is carefully designed and developed by a master embroider, thousands of stitches are used to create incredible depths and detailed imagery. Hours are needed for some of the exceptional embroideries, for this luxury collection.


Last but not least, the knitwear is a key part of the collection, where luxury yarns are knitted to create interesting textures and exquisite feel-good softness. Beautifully draping, line flowing silhouettes.

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