The strength of skills in the company

Starting in 1975, FORTEX was created by professional organisations  in order to deal with the problems of human resource management  encountered by companies  already confronting  the signs of the complete economic revolution of globalisation.


To satisfy – as much as possible –  all requests for training , made by:

  • Textile companies and the connected sectors of Fashion and Leather.
  • Job seekers via the structures which are responsible for helping them.

This vocation stretches geographically across:  Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine, Languedoc-Roussillon and Limousin.

Positioning: a very strong commitment

Considering the diversity of questions posed by companies in matters of:

  • human resource management
  • improving skills in all areas (strategy, marketing, sales, communication, financing, production techniques, innovation...)

FORTEX deliberately doesn't formalize its offer in the form of a catalogue, which is inherently fixed and formatted, preferring to build the most specific offer possible each time a need is expressed.

It is this constraining but efficient practice which makes FORTEX stands out from its competitors.


It is hinged around a group of large themes which structure management:

  • Self-Improvement on the job: a set of professional industrial techniques
  • Responding to the company's adaptation requirements:  technical evolution, organisational changes, flexibility of individuals....
  • Recruting/offering skills: matching skill requirements and offers
  • Validating professional experience: issuing of professional credentials
  • Skills transfer: not only the saving and transfer of skills and expertise but a way of boosting oneself back into the workforce

This offer is available in individual or group form.


  • Employees
  • Company bosses
  • Jobseekers


  • Mastering the specific needs of small and medium businesses in Textile/Fashion/Leather and, more widely, the manufacturing industry.
  • Knowing, for many years, how to work in partnership with professional unions
  • Collaborating in research & development with OPCALIA TMC
  • Constant discussion with public authorities (DIRECCTE)
  • Managing redirection (from skills assessment to professional integration) as much with individuals as with business cells or inter-company.


  • Permanently maintaining and broadening a network of trainers, who have the skills to take part in all  training themes concerning the management problems in our companies,
  • Being present on the ground thanks to a small, mobile team specialised in training,
  • Being ISO 9001 and ISO 29990 certified
  • Being listed by OPCALIA TMC and accredited
  • Several hundred companies of all sizes have used  FORTEX training since its creation

Access Conditions

This made-to-measure service is offered to all the industry's  businesses or those businesses close to the industry which are members of the association.