Fashion Trend Monitoring


Spinners, weavers, knitters, enhancers, makers, tanners, leather workers,...
This is aimed at the different teams associated in the creative process: the sales team / the creative team / the management team.

An action developed in various regions: Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine, Alsace, Rhône Alpes and the Paris Region.


  • To energise the various teams associated in the creative process,

  • Developing the offer through creation and innovation,

  • Better understanding of client needs,

  • Better creative targetting,

  • Optimising resources.


Information about trends at the beginning of each new season

  • deciphering the major colors and themes,
  • the main types of fabrics, the star materials, fabric treatments and performance,
  • analysis of clothing cuts and shapes, summary of designers' shows ,
  • color range corresponding to the season,
  • illustration of the spirit of the new season using fabric samples and photos.

Focus on updating between each season

  • analysis of the representative point of sale supply at various market levels,
  • feedback from interviews with buyers (situational analysis of trends),
  • press reviews.

Personalised advice (for Midi-Pyrenees companies)

  • individual assistance for the implementation of their collection,
  • leads for new development lines,
  • exchanges with business leaders about their strategic direction.

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